Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yet Another Short Blog about Snow

The weather forecast says we'll get mixed rain and snow on Friday or Saturday. That's not the same as just snow. A mixture doesn't stick. Still, I shouldn't complain because at least it's snow, and that's what I've been waiting for. I shouldn't even be waiting for snow at all because I know we'll get some and get it big when we do. I feel bad for being impatient.

Usually, I'm a pretty patient person. I can explain that the period goes outside the parenthetical citation fourteen times to the same student during the same essay and remain cheerful. I can wait for my husband to come home from the field and not have a moment's lack of sleep or loneliness. (Deployments don't employ patience; they employ hope.) I patiently wait through my first class and office hour before eating lunch instead of starting early. (That doesn't sound like a big deal, but for me it is. But if I start early, a student always comes in. I think it's unseemly to be found eating.) As a Catholic, I am constantly waiting "in joyful hope for the coming of our Savior," as the priest says in the Mass.

I don't know why I'm impatient for the snow, but I am. In Oklahoma, I'd be reading books about snow around this time of year, getting ready to hope desperately that we get some. So you'd think I wouldn't even notice that we don't have snow here. But when I moved here, everyone warned me about snow in October (which we get in OK too, but not much and not often), so now it's the end of November, and I'm READY.

Actually, I'm not. I don't have warm clothes, snow tires, extra food, a working chimney...so I better quit wishing for what I'm not ready to get. Does that stop me? No. I guess not being ready for what you want never stops anyone from wanting it. Except, historically, me. My selfish priority is usually to want only what is good for me because I fear and detest inconvenience. (True I sometimes only think I know what's going to be good for me, but you know...I do the best I can to judge.)

Snow would not be good for me at this time. But I want it! I'm like Violet in Charlie and the Choclate Factory. I want it all and now and more!

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  1. You will love the snow when it comes! I've rarely seen anything that comes close to the beauty of fresh fallen snow or the lakes and rivers icing over with iciles hanging from the banks....I miss that part of Drum.

    On the other hand, the first time you have to shovel (we didn't have a snow blower yet) every couple hours all night cause you are getting over 3feet of snow at once.....