Sunday, November 29, 2009

Really Short Blog

I'm in no mood to blog this morning, but I'm going to anyway. In my favorite way -- by list.

1. I am glad the Hogs scared LSU last night, but I sure wish we would have won. Still, this morning, we are still Hogs, and they are not. That makes us the real winners. Oink.

2. I would like to put up a tree and decorate my Wheeble house for Christmas, but Joe is kind of a Scrooge about Christmas decorations. They remind him of all the driving around we have to do when we come home for Christmas and all the people who wish they could see more of us. I don't know if we will ever have a peaceful, midnight-Mass type Christmas. I'm not sure how to accomplish that under current circumstances. I think I will decorate the Wheebles and give them a tiny little tree but not us. I think that seems fair. And funny.

3. I was told we were going to get snow this weekend. There is no snow. That means it will probably start pouring down the minute we try to leave for Oklahoma next month.

4. I'm always told it's bad when you look up and notice that every paragraph you've written starts with "I." I'm told this is selfish. It probably is. I don't care.

5. The Army makes you get a pass to go to Canada. I didn't know that. So we didn't go this weekend. I am trying to have a good attitude, but I don't. As you can see.

6. But at least I live in New York.

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