Friday, November 13, 2009

Five-Minute Blog With Cold Fingers: Thanksgiving Poll

We are not going to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving, and so far we have several options:

1. Go to the city to visit my grad school friend, see the huge tree and store windows, etc. The problem with this plan is Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Joe has all but entirely vetoed this option because of all the people.

2. Go to the English department orphans Thanksgiving here in Sackets Harbor. Those of us from elsewhere who are not going home are invited to the home of California Professor (I'm not using names on this blog, so everyone gets nicknames) to eat and talk about literature, not freshman composition. It would be really fun.

3. Go to Thanksgiving at the home of our new, wonderful Catholic friends, the Malaysian Adjunct and her husband, St. Francis. (His nickname comes from his Halloween costume.) They live about 45 minutes from us, so it would be fun to travel, like we would at home. And I love these new friends!

4. Stay home and host orphan soldiers for Thanksgiving. I love this option too because I love feeding young soldiers, perhaps the most enthusiastic eaters you can find. In no way would I cook a turkey, though. I'd mess it up. I'd send out for it and just make the sides and desserts.

What do you think?

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