Monday, November 23, 2009

Five-Minute Blog: A List

I didn't realize it had been so long since I wrote! But I haven't worked on my novel today at all yet, so I can't stay here long.'s my story, these days:

1. I've been sick since Tuesday, but I only have a little cold -- no fever, not the flu, not quite bad enough to actually stay home from school. Still, I've felt like laying around. Consequently, the house is awful, Tula is bored, and I haven't played music since Tuesday.

2. We are having soldiers over for Thanksgiving. See #1 about the house. Joe is in the field. So I better quit writing novels and blogs and laying around because I can't let his soldiers, whose rooms he inspects, see his house like this.

3. My village is getting an outdoor ice skating rink! Hurray! Isn't it neat that it stays cold enough for long enough to have something like that?

4. Daddy said it is supposed to snow here on Wednesday. On the one hand, YAY!! On the other hand, that's too bad because I wanted to go to Canada on Friday. We'll see...either way, I win.

5. I got a letter from Aunt Adeline today! She said she is doing well and going to Larry's house for Thanksgiving. She said she reads all the time these days, but she didn't say what. I'll ask her when I write back tomorrow.

6. I am at 40,000 words on my novel! But I'll stay there unless I stop writing this list and go work on it. You know how you read a book and it turns stupid about 3/4 of the way through and you feel mad because you invested all that time in it and you wonder what the author was thinking? Now I know: The author didn't know what to do next, and things just got out of hand. So if you read my novel when it's finished, realize that I realize the part toward the end is just ridiculous. Still, I hope to finish. In NaNoWriMo, finishing is winning. The motto is "quantity not quality," and I am living up to that. :)

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