Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Five-Minute Blog: Dog Friend

Dog Friend lives at the end of our street. She is peachy-blond with bangs and feathery legs. She looks a little like Tula, but she's taller. Her face is long, but not like an English Cocker Spaniel. It's skinnier. She's an elegant dog.

She is well-kept, healthy, cheerful. Some mornings she is tied up in her yard by a long leash, and that is how we got to know her. I know some people think it is cruel to tie dogs up, and maybe it is, but Dog Friend is older, and she doesn't seem traumatized by it. They don't do it very often. I'm sorry for her when she's tied up, but I'm happy for us. When she sees us come out our door, she begins to dance for Tula.

Tula is not a well-socialized dog. I think she came from a puppy mill and was taken away too young, based on the way she acts. (She doesn't seem to know how to relate to other dogs.) The people (two sets of them) who had her before we got her didn't take her out much. We take her out, but we don't know anyone with dogs. Not everyone you meet walking wants to volunteer his/her dog to socialize yours, of course.

So Tula is weird around most dogs. But Dog Friend has won her over. So we go visit, and the two of them dance around each other, smell each other, Tula always goes to the bathroom in Dog Friend's yard, and then Dog Friend smells that, which apparently is a nice thing to dogs. I have never wanted to steal a dog, but I desperately wish I could steal Dog Friend.

We don't know her name, obviously, or her owners. If I get brave, I might knock on their door and ask if we can take their dog on walks when we see her outside, just leave them a note that she's with us. Maybe she can come over when we have the fence up. Or maybe that's a strange, not a neighborly, thing to ask. I'm hoping I'll catch the owners outside one day because striking up this conversation would be much easier.

Anyway, we didn't see Dog Friend this morning, but I wish we had. And now my five minutes are up.

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