Monday, November 16, 2009

Less-than-Five-Minute Blog: Things

I'm so tired! Here's a list, though, of things going on today:

1. Joe went to the field this morning. He'll be there for the week, then come home for a day, then be there for another week. So it's good that it's not snowing.

2. But I can't believe Oklahoma is about to get snow and I have no snow! I live in upstate New York! I'm ready for SNOW. But I know I'll get plenty, and patience is a virtue. And all the people here are so relieved to be warm...I am happy for them, I suppose.

3. Did I tell you we bought a snowblower on Sunday? It's too big to fit through the door of our shed, but it's not huge. It used to belong to our neighbor. He bought a bigger one. He's going to show us how to use it when the first snow comes. Whenever that is.

4. I am still going on my 28,685 words this evening, and tired! Have no idea how the crime is going to be solved, but have my students doing extra credit writing on the subject and an e-mail from my father that promises to be helpful. (I just now saw it, Daddy...will check it for the morning writing session!) Perhaps it takes a village to write a book?

5. I made Rachael Ray soup -- minestra with sweet sausage. It's really good. Escarole in soup is REALLY good. I've been missing out!

6. I have been invited to give a short presentation on the Creek Removal in a history class. I am not exactly nervous about it, but I'm a little worried because I know more cultural stuff than political stuff. And say things like "stuff" when I'm supposed to be a smart person. To be fair, I am very tired at the moment. The presentation is on Wednesday morning.

7. I am so sleepy that I keep sitting here because I'm too sleepy to walk to bed. Makes no sense, I know. Going to bed the minute I finish this sentence!

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