Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow Shoveling!

We drove from Oklahoma to Terre Haute, Indiana on New Year's Day, and we had a late check-out, so we didn't get back on the road to New York until 2 p.m. But it was fun, as driving across the country always is. We had clear weather all the way to Ohio. I started driving then, and Joe slept. I listened to my Arkansas Razorbacks win the Liberty Bowl by a field goal and drove through episodes of blowing snow followed by regular snow followed by nothing and back again.

By Pennsylvania, there was more regular snow, and Joe took over driving again. By New York, there was serious snow, and it was hard to see. We got behind a semi and followed its flashing lights at 30 miles an hour from about Buffalo to Syracuse. You couldn't go faster than that because it was almost impossible to see the road...but somehow, it wasn't really scary. At Syracuse, the snow got a little better and we passed the truck. I didn't think that was wise, but Joe was, as usual, right. We were able to go 40 mph from Syracuse to Watertown and could see Highway 81 pretty well. Anyway, it's a straight line to Watertown. It was strangely invigorating, but we were worn out the minute we got into our own bed at 5 a.m.

We got up at 1:30 this afternoon. I made oatmeal, blueberry muffins, bacon and hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, and we sat around wasting time all day. They let Joe call in instead of coming into post, so we didn't ever have to leave the house.

This evening, I couldn't stand not getting out in our big snow any longer, so I shoveled a path from the front door to the truck. I love shoveling snow! I know it wouldn't be fun if I had to do it or if we had a longer driveway, but happily, that's not the case. It was very satisfying, like playing with clay. The best part of shoveling snow is that it shows you how high your snow is. Ours is almost up to the top of the new snow boots that Yahnah got me for Christmas. Tula leaps through it with only her head showing when she lands. I wish we could trust her on a leash because I can tell she'd love to run through it, but she won't come back when we call.

Anyway, I had to stop shoveling after awhile because I'm out of shape. I took Tula on a little walk up the street, and when we got back, I could hardly tell Joe our adventures because my lips were numb. I am excited for tomorrow, when I can shovel better and more. We might get the snowblower out also.

Maybe I will get tired of this eventually, but I can't imagine that. I look forward to a long, snowy, inconvenient, magnificent winter!

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