Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Septic Tank, Round 4

I am writing this from the living room while Tula sits on top of her crate and tries not to bark at the septic tank guys, who are once again in our crawl space. These are two different guys -- the fourth set of guys who have come to deal with our main-line problem. But they seem to think it will be over once they are finished. I sure hope so!

Not that I don't enjoy having plumbers and septic tank guys around. They've all been nice, professional people, and it's interesting to see people do work they are knowledgeable about. I just don't like being trapped in the house or having to put on real clothes during Christmas break. I have very luxurious problems, for which I am grateful.

On another note, it is snowing again! It is light, fluffy snow, not big flakes, but it is adding to the pile. My New York friends put sad notes on their Facebook updates about how they wish it would stop snowing. Meanwhile, I have named a blog after my favorite thing about upstate New York -- nonstop snow! I hope I am not like those people who move to Oklahoma and can't wait to see a tornado. I can't stand those people.

The snow is now up to the tops of my boots, I think. I've only been in the backyard this morning, and I think it's deeper back there for some reason. Once the tank guys have gone, I'll take Tula on a proper walk and find out. I may take the ruler and get a real measurement...but I'm not sure I want to know the real measurement. If it's small, I'll be disappointed. I'm already kind of sorry we've moved too close to the lake to get the kind of snow that covers the windows of houses.

Tula is laying on top of her dog crate, still. Her eyes are half-closed, but she's waiting for the septic tank guys to make a noise that doesn't sound enough like work to her. I'm not so paranoid. I'm looking through the skylight at the new snow, hoping it won't stop for days.

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