Friday, October 30, 2009


Here are the things I feel like whining about:

1. The flu. All my students seem to have it. Or their children have it. So they miss class. Then I have to deal with late essays, missed information, extra office appointments, sick, miserable, pitiful students...but at least I don't have the flu myself!

2. My Halloween costume, and Joseph's. I wanted to be Andrew Jackson because we are going to a Heroes and Villains party, but I couldn't get my costume together that quickly. He's not an easy one to do. And Joe loves Halloween, but he hasn't gotten his costume together either, so I'm afraid he'll be disappointed by Halloween, and it's one of his favorite holidays. He's grown. It's not my fault. But it seems like I should fix things like that for him.

3. Moving. I just want to be in this house all the way and not worry about the other one anymore. But I don't want to pack, unpack, clean, organize or decorate.

4. Laziness. My own. It is the reason I probably won't get to go to the Psychic Fair or Cat Show in the morning. :(

But I do have one thing NOT to whine about: NaNoWriMo! I don't have a plot, a main character, an idea...but I look forward to trying to write a terrible novel. :)

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