Sunday, October 25, 2009

List of Laziness

Some days I'm going to feel like I do right now: Tired, and still with things to do (and with a husband, in this case, who keeps talking to me about our ailing dryer), so I'm going to give a list of ten things about today so those of my family who read this blog to see what we're doing will at least know something. I'll try not to do this too often, though...

1. I kept almost laughing in Mass this morning. First, Joe leaned over and whispered, "I just accidentally styled my hair with holy water!"

2. Then, I was not paying attention to the homily (sometimes I just can't, even when it's good). When you can't pay attention, you are supposed to look at the stained glass windows or candles or statues and contemplate holy things, so I looked up at our stained glass window of Jesus knocking on the door, and I immediately thought of him doing that at our house and Tula barking her head off, as she does when the Schwan man comes.

3. Then, as we were kneeling with our heads bowed for communion, my earring fell off and landed in the hood of the coat of the woman in front of me! So I silently fished it out and put it in my pocket, and I guess nobody saw me.

4. After Mass, Father O'Brien came to talk to us during coffee/cookie/chocolate pie/lemonade hour. It turns out he is ALSO a lawyer, in addition to being a priest. AND he teaches a law class at Syracuse University. I think he may be able to bilocate. He is the priest of two parishes besides all that! We talked about New York's new (and controversial) lieutenant governor-appointing law.

5. After Mass, we ate lunch at Goodfello's, the Sackets Harbor pizza place. I always get the same kind of pizza, called carciofi, which means "artichoke" in Italian. It has artichokes (of course), sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, garlic...seems like something else too. Anyway, I've been craving it all week, and it was very satisfying.

6. After that, we moved another load from the old apartment to the new house, the living room of which now looks like a storage shed. We have GOT to simplfy further.

7. Then, I made a meal plan for the week using Rachael Ray recipes. That worked out really well last week, so I may keep it up.

8. Now, we must deal with some of this stuff...I hate stuff!

9. Then, we must go to the grocery store.

10. Then, I must cook dinner and decide which poems I'm reading at the faculty reading tomorrow. The reading kicks off the North Country Writers' Festival. Suddenly all of my poems seem boring. But it is always thus.

And that's been my day. Not a bad one, but a lot of time spent hanging out this morning when, perhaps, I should have been getting things accomplished. I'm tired of accomplishing!

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