Thursday, January 19, 2012

And now there came both mist and snow, and it grew wond'rous cold...

FINALLY it is snowing! "At first it seemed a little speck, and then it seemed a mist. It moved and moved and took at last a certain shape, I wist." That's how the snow came too: At first, walking the dogs after work, I heard the wind like a far-off train, and then like a skateboard coming up behind me. Then, I went out to get the mail in tiny flakes that didn't count to my greedy self. And then the next time I looked out, there were more of them. And then I looked out and the wind was back, and it was blowing all the flakes every direction, and all was white again, including the horrible muddy patch of grass that used to be our front yard.

It's not a blizzard. Ice mast-high will not come floating by any time soon. I doubt the ice fishermen can even come onto the lake yet. But there is mist and snow. Already, I see that it is slowing down. Perhaps it will pick back up while I am sleeping, and perhaps the sun that is predicted for tomorrow will just make the still day colder for all the sparkling it causes instead of melting all this back into horrible grey-dirty ice.

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