Friday, February 5, 2010


I haven't been writing much lately because the first two weeks of school have been incredibly hectic. I just got back from a poetry reading in Syracuse (Santee Frazier), and it is past my bedtime, so I'll make this short:

The Groundhog saw his shadow, but it doesn't feel like winter is going to keep on! My icicles are dripping! My snow is muddy and melted into a thin sheet of ice on top! But at least the lake is still frozen. This morning there were 24 ice fisherman holes out there.

I am traveling next week, so of course I don't want snow then. But after that, I pray for even just one more regular blizzard. It doesn't even have to be a bad one...I just want a little howling wind full of snow, and one more chance to not be able to see across the road, and one more set of days in which everything is the same color -- pavement, mud, grass -- a set of days with no edges.

And also I want to ice skate outside and cross country ski around campus (in the works!) and snowshoe (still can't find anyone willing) and go snowboarding for my birthday (I have two friends willing to join me so far!).

But mostly, I just want snow. I came here to the land of mist and snow, but it's the land of just a little snow, and just a little mist. I realize this is an unusual winter for them, but I don't have many available, so selfishly, I wish it was a normal winter with huge drifts and dangerously cold air. I don't mean to complain. At least we still have snow. My cousin was just in Texas and it was 60 degrees. And we had a few little flakes this morning. Maybe we'll have more after awhile.

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  1. My kids are still complaining that we didn't get snow the entire time we lived in Virginia, and now they have had 2 big snows there. I think all the snow went south this year.
    Hope your year without your husband is relatively uneventful. I wonder if our husbands are in the same place over there, but I'm always afraid to say too much on the internet.