Monday, February 15, 2010

Lazy List Post

If I were a real blogger, I would be writing a really entertaining piece about my trip to New York City, from which I got home yesterday. Instead, I am giving you a list to update you on my doings and thinkings...

1. I went to New York City. This was my second trip there, and I love it even more. I walked all over it with a friend from grad school and also covered a show at Fashion Week for a newspaper. The Fashion Week description really does deserve its own blog post. Maybe later. Anyway, it was a lot of work, mostly -- but good work. The most fun part of my trip was the walking around Greenwich Village and Chelsea and visiting with my friends at their beautiful apartment in Inwood.

2. New York City had lots of snow the day before I arrived, but it was mostly swept up by the time I got there. All the people were freezing, but I was not. I'm becoming acclimated to the North Country apparently. If it's above 10 degrees, I feel pretty good.

3. It snowed a little here today, but not much. It was light, fluffy, quiet snow. Sigh.

4. I may get Dog Two this coming weekend. We'll see. I'm awaiting news about his messed-up jaw from the vet. I don't want to take on a dog I know I can't afford at the outset. (I realize dogs can get expensive once you've gotten them, but that's different.) He's a sweet little dog. His name is Nicky, and he's a Tibetan Spaniel. He had a run-in with a pit bull awhile ago, so he has a little wired together jaw and teeth that all stick out. He's no show dog! But he has a dear little personality and let Tula boss him around when we visited him at his shelter.

5. I'm behind on housework and teaching work, but I can't seem to make myself do either one. I just keep sitting on the couch watching the Olympics. The only reason I'm writing this now is that I took Tula for a walk, breaking my Olympics haze. I should take advantage of that and not turn the television back on, but I fear I won't have the discipline. We'll see.

6. I wish I had some ice cream.

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