Thursday, December 3, 2009

Short and Boring

I just thought I'd write something here...but as the title says, it will be short and boring.

I've had a busy week full of grading essays, dealing with disgruntled students, and getting the heating oil set up for our house. The good news is that I only have late papers to grade now. Tomorrow, I should be finished with all the grading until the final papers come in.

See? Boring. I'm tired of words.

I sure need to go Christmas shopping, but it's supposed to snow this weekend. I wanted to shop somewhere interesting, like Canada, or at least Syracuse. But it looks like I'll have to stay around Sackets Harbor/Watertown. Oh well...

One more day of teaching, and it's a short day...then it will be the weekend, and I won't have any papers to grade! At least for another week.

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