Thursday, December 17, 2009

Five-Minute Gross Blog

The other day, the heating oil guy came to check our tank before filling it up. He couldn't get to the tank because our house was built in three stages around it, but while he was looking for it, he discovered something terrible in our crawl space: Standing water! He said we must call a plumber immediately before it got up to the furnace.

My department chair gave me the number of her plumber, and he came over yesterday to check it out. But he couldn't see anything because in that short amount of time the water had risen over everything he needed to look at. Also, he didn't want to walk into it crouched down, and I don't blame him.

He called his friends the septic tank guys, and they came out with their truck, stuck a hose into the water, and started sucking it out. It filled their tank, and they had to come back today. They were going to come this morning, but it was too cold for their equipment! So they came this afternoon, and they are here now, grossing out even though they are used to this job. That's a bad sign, isn't it?

They are almost finished, and when they leave, the plumber is coming again to see what the problem is and fix it. Fortunately, he doesn't think it is a bad one -- just one that we didn't know about until it reached a crisis point. I hope that's the case!

All of this should stress me out the day before we leave for Christmas, when I haven't done most of my shopping and have final papers coming into my office that I should be grading. But it all seems funny for some reason. Probably because I have the money to deal with it (thank goodness!) and because it's so cold that all you can do is laugh!

It's sunny and 9 degrees. I'm home watching gross water pump out of my house. My dog is tied to the sewing machine so she doesn't try to help. For some reason, it's all funny.

Possibly, I am ready for Christmas break!

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