Thursday, August 16, 2012

Your Head Was On the Floor and Rats Played Pool With Your Eyes

You'd think after my beautifully lazy summer I would be impervious to stress, but several stressful things have occurred at once lately, and it turns out I am not. I shall not elaborate on them but only on their effect, which was a massive tension headache that knocked me all the way down yesterday. I don't usually have even normal headaches, so when one like that hits, I'm a big ol' sissy.

Today I feel as if I have a band of duct-tape-sized pain stuck across the front of my brain, but it is a dull pain, not like yesterday. My husband informs me that I am to be still, be lazy, and make an appointment with the opthamalogist because some of this may be related to the eyestrain I gave myself over the weekend, planning all my classes in one fell swoop.  I did make the appointment. 

Laying around is a challenge for me. I like to think that's because I'm like Karl Wallenda or Peter the Great or Bruce Dickinson...those people who can't sit still for accomplishing things. Except I don't accomplish. I just putter with a mighty will, doing one and another thing vehemently and enthusiastically, but not too productively.

Typing this blog hurts my eyes and my head, unfortunately. But that's not why I was away. My internet was down. As you can see, it's back. And I'll be back, the minute I get my feet centered on this tightrope again.

Here are my accomplishments for the day:

1. Watched Trick or Treat. I'll have a whole blog on that later. Very comforting, that movie.

2. Made a list of potential topics for the three-day novella contest, which I am entering over Labor Day weekend. Yes, 80-100 page novella in three days. Unlike NaNoWriMo (my favorite holiday), Three-Day Novel is an actual contest in which you can win one of three prizes, the first of which is publication. My colleague, whose name shall heretofore be Godzilla, is in this contest also. I imagine we shall both wind up with gray hair by the time it's over. He did it last year and came up with a very cool horror novel.

3. Checked the mail. We are in the process of changing from our New York bank to a local credit union. The checks came in. Thrilling.

4. Read Decibel's Women in Metal issue, which I had been avoiding for a month because I was afraid I would be offended and lose my favorite magazine to wrath. But they came through, as I should have known they would. The articles are fair, funny, respectful, and very concious of the problematic nature of "Women In..." projects in general. My faith is restored. I'd write a whole blog about it, but that sounds like work.

5. And now, I shall go to YouTube and look up all the bands whose names I highlighted as I read the reviews. That is absolutely one of my favorite activities. It is also the only way I keep from being totally overwhelmed by the amount of and access to metal of these trying times. Back in the olden days of the late 80s/90s, you had to accept what you could find in record stores or through tape trading. Much less overwhelming.These days...but that's for another blog.

6. It's a beautiful sunny day, but I just can't go out in it. Invincible yellowjackets are living above our front door. I have been stung on the head twice already, and at the moment, I just don't want one more thing that hurts, even a little. Bring on the mindless YouTube excursion...