Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Census

I LOVE filling out the census form. I like statistics, and I enjoy filling out surveys of all kinds. I don't know why, but I find it very relaxing. One time, when President Clinton was in office, I was called by the GALLUP POLL!! That was a very happy day for me, and the Gallup person was very surprised to have someone so excited to be polled.

So today, I finally had a moment to fill out my census form.

I'm not a particularly maudlin military wife. I panic when someone knocks on the door and have those days of driving around the block before getting to my house just in case there's a government car there. I left a Coke my husband had been drinking on the coffeetable for over a month out of sheer sentimentality. But those are all normal things, I think, and they don't take over. For the most part, I take deployment as a big adventure for both of us and the fulfillment of my husband's childhood dreams.

But today, I had A Moment over the Census form.

Because we just bought our first house right before he left, and I had to put on the Census form that I live here alone. He gets counted in an "overseas" count. They ask us not to put deployed people on our forms so they don't get counted twice. I understand that. I know filling out only "Person 1" doesn't mean he' s not my husband. But still...it would have been more fun to put us both on there, with the little checkmark by him as the homeowner.

Oh well...I'll probably feel better when I finally do our taxes and they are "joint." :)

Also, filling out the Census form as just myself will make a funny note in the statistics. I'm just imagining the people (or computer, I guess) thinking, "Hmm...how weird that a single Creek woman lives in Sackets Harbor." Because I PROMISE you I'm the only one!

And, despite the Census form, I am a good man's "Person 2"!

Now, back to eating nachos for dinner, taking up the whole entire bed, driving around with the heater on full-blast, watching marathons of "19 Kids and Counting" and all those other good things about war.


  1. I just filled ours out a couple days ago.

  2. I keep wondering if I'm going to be counted as a single mother since I left my husband off. How do they know which deployed people go with which families? How organized are these census people?

  3. That does seem odd. Wouldn't it skew all sorts of data if you show up as a single person instead of a married household? Or Emily as a single mom? I'm no sure I understand the rationale for that at all.